Renewals / Replacements

RENEWAL for over 65 years of age

1. Identity card or residence permit or European citizen card
2. Diploma
3. Tax Identification Number
4. 3 passport type photos (in total for the whole process)
5. Health Booklet (doctors request it, A.M.K.A. and A.M.A. are required)
6. Account or any document that shows the permanent residence. (*)
* Optional

RENEWAL for over 80 years of age


1. Request – Responsible Statement in which the person interested states:
-his permanent residence.
-the Tax Number of the Registry.
-that he does not hold another Greek driving
License or a member state of E.O.K.
2. Print application.
3. Valid police ID card or passport and photocopies of them.
In case the applicant is not a Greek citizen, a registration permit is submitted for a citizen of an EU member state or stay, which must have been issued 95 days before the application for the driving license for EU nationals and 185 days for foreign nationals, as well as a photocopy thereof.

4. Driving license and photocopy thereof.
5. Seven (6) color photographs, passport type.
6. Five (5) health certificates of physician, ophthalmologist, orthopedist, ENT and neurologist, contracted with the Ministry, with the proof of payment of the doctor. The cost of the visit for each doctor is 10 € and a receipt must be given to submit a photocopy.


NOTE: Renewal is done every 5 years
Original diploma
Photocopy of identity card or residence permit *
4 color passport photos (4 × 6 cm)
Tax Identification Number
Responsible statement type M29 (given to the school)
Printing request (given to the school)
Medical booklet**
Two (2) fees from the National Bank for an ophthalmologist (45 euros each)
Payment of 30 euros from the National Bank for a new type of diploma
Public treasury fee of 18 euros
If the diploma is either old or worn or there are changes in details, a 9-euro treasury fee is required
* The residence permit of foreign nationals must have been issued 185 days before the submission of the application for a driving license
** At the doctors you need your health booklet, 2 photos and the doctors’ fees.
If you do not have a booklet, you will need the following tests:
a) Blood
b) Urea sugar
c) Cardiogram
d) Chest x-ray

REPLACEMENT of old diploma due to wear/loss

If you have lost or stolen your Driver’s License or it has just been damaged so presenting corrupted information and you want to replace it, you can submit it to one of the KEP 1. Your Police ID and a simple copy of it 2. The copy of the occupied Driving License that has been damaged and altered 3.One (1) recent passport type photo (4 × 6 cm color, without glasses) 4. An e-Payment worth € 30 for the printing of the new diploma (quick search code: 28) 5. An e-Payment of € 30 for the declaration of Loss or Theft of the Driving License form (quick search code: 29) 6. An e-Payment worth € 9.02 for the issuance of a copy of the Driving License form (quick search code: 66) 7. One (1) A4 size envelope with rubber, in which you will put all the above supporting documents (sold in bookstores) The link of the electronic payment service is:e-Payment