As soon as you adduce to our office the necessary documents, we will file for the Card of Tutee issuance at the Service of Transports & Communications. After, you are officially eligible to  attend the theoretical courses in our School which prepare you for the theoretical exam.

As soon as you have a successful result, you can move to the practical part of the process which is the last step before the final practical exam. 

Our school aims to offer as much as possible comprehensible courses for people who are not experienced with the language or with learning disabilities.


Furthermore, there is the option to actualize the theoretical exam in English, Russian and Albanian. Lastly, it is possible to participate in the exam using headsets for oral reading of the questions and the answers.

  • AM category: Since 16 years old – max 50cc
  • A1 category: Since 18 years old- max 125cc
  • A2 category: since 20 years old – max 400cc
  • A category: since 24 year old – limitless cc

Due to the pandemics, the exams as well as the operation of the Driving Schools had been interrupted. Consequently, there is a saturation of students and more time needed until the earlier with priority to be finished. However, for a consistent student, the whole procedure can be completed at about 4 months.

As soon as the age is 16 years old, the student is able to start the process for acquiring a driving lisence of moped (category AM).

For ages younger than 18 years old, the concurrence of both parents is mandatory.

As soon as the age is 18 years old, the student is able to start the process for acquiring a car driving lisence. In case it does exist a lisence of AM, the student may proceed directly to the practical courses, omitting the theoretical exams.